Cyprus Investment Programme

As part of the economic policy of the Republic of Cyprus and the attempt of the Government to encourage foreign direct investments, the Cyprus Council of Ministers, taking into account the strong investor interest, has established and revised the Cyprus Investment Programme on the basis of subsection (2) of section 111A of the Civil Registry Laws of 2002-2019, based on which, a non-Cypriot entrepreneur/investor and members of his/her family may submit application(s) in accordance with the provisions of the “Programme”.

Why Should I Participate in the Programme?

  • The Investment retention period is only 3 years, while your DUAL nationality is valid for life
  • It is your fastest route to the EU – 6 months and you enjoy:
    • The right to live, work and study in all EU countries;
    • The right to free movement of goods, services, capital;
    • The right to security within the European social and legal system;
    • VISA-free travel to over 157 countries, including Europe, UK, Canada;
  • Your Citizenship is transferable to your descendants
  • Flexible options for low risk investments, having the potential of high returns
  • You may get benefited of the attractive Cyprus Tax System

What is the basic Equation

  • Clear Criminal Record
  • Residence in Cyprus
  • Residence Permit in Cyprus and Schengen Visa
  • Donations: €150K
  • Permanent, Privately-owned residence: €500K
  • Investment: €2 Million
    • Real Estate Land Development and Infrastructure Projects; OR
    • Purchase or Establishment or Participate in Cyprus Companies and Businesses; OR
    • Investment in alternative funds;
      *OR Combination of the aforementioned investments

Cyprus Investment

Can you Meet The Above?

THEN YOU CAN BE A BENEFICIARY, Either personally OR through membership/shareholding in Cyprus companies(y) OR through investments done by or jointly with your spouse OR even as a high-ranking senior manager of Cyprus Companies(y).

How Can We Assist?

As a Registered Provider of the Cyprus Investment Programme in the relevant Registry of the Republic of Cyprus, SPYROS VASSILIOU & ASSOCIATES LLC is ready to exclusively offer you:

  • Specialised advice
  • Available Investment Options in all approved areas (i.e. real estates, investment funds);
  • Examination of preferred option(s);
  • Collection of all information;
  • Drafting of necessary documentation
  • Incorporation of Cyprus company/companies if so required;
  • Preparation of the application(s);
  • Submission of the application(s);
  • Continuous monitoring of the status of the application;
  • Issue your Cyprus passports and IDs;
  • Any other advice, support and action might be required from time to time, including for example the opening and operation of a Cyprus bank account.

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