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Cyprus – A Maritime Destination

Cyprus has been ranked amongst the leading shipping centers in the world with the 11th largest fleet globally and the 3rd largest fleet in Europe. The Cyprus flag is a top-quality sovereign flag which duly adheres to all safety and security standards deriving from the Paris and Tokyo MoUs and is in the “White List” of both MoUs.

Spyros Vassiliou & Associates LLC provides a broad scope of professional services in the field of Cyprus Shipping and Admiralty aiming to meet the needs of ship owners, ship operators and other professionals engaged in shipping and related business.

Taking advantage of Cyprus’ favourable shipping policies, including Cyprus “Open Registry”, its legally endorsed Tonnage Tax System, the competitive ship registration costs and fees, its strong involvement in international shipping fora (IMO, ILO) and E.U., as well as Cyprus’ membership in more than 25 Merchant Bilateral Agreements and many more, our team is ready to assist our international clientele’s increased demand in shipping related service and to offer the following services:

  • Searches on ship files kept with the Merchant Shipping Department
  • Registration and maintenance of shipping and ship management companies in Cyprus
  • Ship and Yacht registration under the Cyprus flag
  • Parallel registration
  • Transfer of ownership
  • Changes of ship name, deletion of registrations and similar services
  • Security and enforcement of ship charges and mortgages
  • Ship management and all other shipping related agreements

In collaboration with our external partners, our law office is also capable of providing shipping taxation advice on Cyprus’s tonnage tax system formulating the best benefits to shipping owners, charterers and managers.

Spyros Vassiliou & Associates LLC is engaged to provide expert services in the area of Cyprus Shipping and Admiralty, tailored to each of our shipping client’s specific needs.

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